Rahvusvaheline noortevahetus „Include me“

Sindi noortekeskusest osalevad: Siim-Kaspar Kollamaa, Richard Kandimaa, Karl Hussar ja Fred Hussar

Eesti keeles:

25.03.2018 – 01.04.2018.a. Pärnus aset leidvast Erasmus+ programmi rahvusvahelisest noortevahetusest „Include me“. „Include me“ on rahvusvaheline Erasmus+ programmi noortevahetus, mis toob kokku 28 eesti ja Hispaania noort vanuses 13-18. eluaastat. Programmi on kaasatud Eestist Paikuse, Sindi ANK-id ja Kohtla-Järve Ahtme Gümnaasiumi noored. Lisaks 14 noort Hispaaniast. Noortevahetuse eesmärgiks on noortele selgitada multikultuursuse-, põgenike kriisi- ja rahvusvahelise dialoogiga seonduvaid teemasid. Lisaks õpivad noored pehmemaid oskuseid nagu kultuuride ja traditsioonide erinevusi, rahvusköökide maitseid, keeli ja kombeid, üksteise erinevustega arvestamist, sallivust, tolerantsust jpm. Laagris toimuvad inglise keelsed debatid, pretensioonid, kultuurilised õppeekskursioonid ning heli – ja fototöötlustöötoad. Õpitakse kasutama nuti-ja sotsiaalkeskkondi turundus-ja infovahenditena. Noortevahetuse lõppedes valmib noorte poolt fotonäitus, mis võtab kokku nädalaga õpitu ning kajastab ühtlasi ka tänasel hetkel Euroopas aktuaalseid probleeme.Programmi eestvedajateks on Paikuse Avatud Noortekeskus Panoke MTÜ ja Sant Just Desverni omavalituse noortemaja, Barcelona lähistelt Hispaaniast. Kõiki tegevusi rahastatakse 100% Erasmus+ programmi toel.

Täpsem info inglise keeles:

SUMMARY OF THE YOUTH EXCHANGE: INCLUDE ME is a European youth exchange within the Erasmus+ programme that will take place during Eastern Holidays 25th of March to 1rst of April 2018 in the city of Parnu, Estonia. During 8 days, 28 youngsters from 13 to 18 years old and 4 leaders (32 people in total), including participants with fewer opportunities (40% out of the total), will be involved in a project that broach the current migration situation (refugees’ crises) that Europe is facing through photography and video tools. Migration has become one of the key components of population change in Europe. Migration flows over the past decades among EU Member States and in- and outside of the EU have had a significant impact on the current population size in most Member States. Participants of the two partner organizations coming from Estonia (Paikuse Open Youth Center ) and Spain (Casal de Joves) worked together to create a project that answers their needs according to multiculturality, integration of refugees, international dialogue, IT arts skills and the power of popular social networks to disseminate messages. On INCLUDE ME, youngsters’ motivation is to experience that Europe is a cultural reality and that its most important structure is related to social fair policies: to show that young people of different countries and different backgrounds can express themselves, live, work, play, create, talk, sing, eat, look, have fun together all in harmony. It surely will be a new experience for all of them. It will increase their awareness of other cultures, introduce them to new migration perspectives and encourage them to express their feelings and talents. Bringing together young people from different countries will introduce them to new
perspectives of perception of identities, human interactions and social networks’ power what will give them the chance to work on the highest cooperation level. It’s an opportunity to exchange photography taste, video knowledge and points of view about the dimension of migration in Europe and the current refugees’ crises. It’s also a good chance to show to the world how important migration issues and its
consequences are. So to spread these messages in a huge scale we’ll use popular networks such as: Instagram, FB and Snapchat that will give to these on-line platforms a social use and so an extra good point too 😉 Because we believe in the power of non-formal education INCLUDE ME is based on “learning by doing” workshops and peer education techniques what includes: brainstorming, debates and discussions, photography and video workshops, informal presentations and cultural excursions and visits. This YE is divided in 4 phases – project’s creation; play days and informal presentations for INCLUSION; photo-video workshops for REFUGEES/MIGRATION; participants leading activities; final exposition called Casal de Joves de Sant Just Desvern NOMADIC Exposition. The concept of Nomadic explains the personality of our final event that will travel with participants until their countries where it will be again exposed for their local population keeping its pure state. Finally, the two partner organizations from INCLUDE ME will disseminate their YE beforeduring-after the mobility using their social networks, web page and Blog as well as creating special local event for their local inhabitants once they get back home. On 1 January 2015, the number of people living in the EU-28 who were citizens of non-member countries was 19.8 million, while the number of people living in the EU-28 who had been born outside of the EU was 34.3 million (source: Eurostat Statistics). This statistic shows us that MIGRATION is a reality and that it’s time to get conscious about the issue that it’s
affecting to more than 50 million people just in our continent. INCLUDE ME works for mainstream this issue among youngsters and give it the importance that it deserves!

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